2023 Arctic Winter Games - Team Alberta North


ABA is excited to announce our participation in the Arctic Winter Games on 

JAN 29 - FEB 4, 2023

to find out more about the games check out:

Artic Winter Games Website


 To be eligible to participate in the Arctic Winter Games:

  • Athletes must be born in 2003 or later
  • Must be a "Developing Athlete" - one who has no represented one's nation in international competition (outside of Arctic Winter Games) in the sport they are competing in
    • An athlete who has completed for one's club in international competition (not representing one's nation) id considered a developing athlete
    • As athlete who is a member of one's national team, but has not represented one's nation in international competition is considered a developing player
    • compete in one sport only
  • Athletes shall be resident of Alberta North - North of the 55 parallel
  • Must have been a continuous resident of the participating Contingent for six months prior to the opening day of the games
  • All team members must provide Police Information Checks, including athletes and coaches

Alberta North Men's Page

Alberta North Women's Page