2022 Team Alberta

Every summer, Team Alberta unifies players from all over our province under one banner to represent Alberta, creating a lifetime of memories as they partake at elite events hosted in locations from B.C. to Atlantic Canada. Team Alberta has a proud history, winning numerous medals over the years, and its alumni have gone on to excel at the highest levels of the hoops, from post-secondary to professional and even the Olympic Games. Our provincial team program’s goal is to identify athletes who have the potential to develop and reach the next levels in our sport. This may include attending post-secondary programs, National Team programs and professional leagues.


Congratulations to the athletes selected for 2022 Team Alberta 

Team Alberta 15U Men

Team Alberta 17U Men

Team Alberta 18U Men


Team Alberta 15U Women

Team Alberta 17U Women

Team Alberta 18U Women



Age Categories

Coaching Staff

Training Schedule

Upcoming Competitions

Previous Results


2022 Age Categories

  • 15U 2007-2008
  • 17U 2005-2006
  • 18U 2004 or later

Coaching Staff

18U Men

HC - Reagan Wood

AC - Shayne Midford

AC - Brandon Brock

APP - Wayne Dunnington

18U Women

HC - Robyn Fleckenstein

AC - Isabel Ormond

AC - Lauren Green

APP - Sue Childress

17U Men

HC - Mike Myers

AC - Pat Boulin

AC - Jay Tomlinson

APP - Quinn Taylor

17U Women

HC - Dave Waknuk

AC - John Dedrick

AC - Samantha Ringuette

APP - Paige Crozon

15U Men

HC - Neil Nystrom

AC - Mat Hale

AC - Nathan Kravetsky

APP - Kaden Hruska

15U Women

HC - Sarah Neufeld

AC - Mary St.Amand

AC - Craig Newman


Training Schedule

Team Alberta Training June - August


15U Women

15U Men

17U Women

17U Men

18U Women

18U Men

June 17th - 19th Training Camp - Edmonton Training Camp - Edmonton Training Camp - Edmonton Training Camp - Edmonton Training Camp - Edmonton Training Camp - Edmonton
July 9th - 10th         Staging Weekend - Edmonton Staging Weekend - Edmonton
July 19th - 22nd Phase 1 Training - Calgary Phase 1 Training - Calgary Phase 1 Training - Lethbridge Phase 1 Training - Calgary Phase 1 Training - Lethbridge Phase 1 Training - Calgary
July 26th - July 29th Phase 2 Training - Calgary Phase 2 Training - Calgary Phase 2 Training - Edmonton Phase 2 Training - Edmonton Phase 2 Training - Calgary Phase 2 Training - Edmonton
August 1st - 3rd         Phase 3 Training - Calgary Phase 3 Training - Edmonton
August 1st - 6th CB Nationals CB Nationals CB Nationals CB Nationals    
August 6th - 14th         Canada Games Canada Games


Upcoming Competitions:

2022 15U/17U Men's & Women's National Championships

Men’s - Edmonton, Alberta @ Saville Community Sports Centre

Women’s - Sherbrooke, Quebec @ Bishop’s University

More information will be released by Canada Basketball soon.


Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games - 18U

Held once every two years, alternating between winter and summer, the Canada Games represent the highest level of national competition for up and coming Canadian athletes. The Games have been hosted in every province at least once since their inception in Quebec City during Canada’s Centennial in 1967

The 2022 Canada Summer Games will be held in the Niagara Region of Ontario. More information can be found at CanadaGames.ca

The 2022 Canada Games Technical Package has been release!


Previous Results:

Canada Basketball National Championships


15U Men's

15U Women's

17U Men's

17U Women's

  Location Result Location Result Location Result Location Result
2002 Lethbridge 2nd Fredricton 1st Lethbridge 4th Fredericton 5th
2003 Halifax 6th Halifax 2nd Halifax 2nd Halifax 2nd
2004 Halifax 5th Halifax 4th Halifax 4th Halifax 2nd
2005 Calgary 3rd Calgary 4th Canada Summer Games
2006 Vancouver 2nd Sherbrooke 2nd Vancouver 6th Sherbrooke 3rd
2007 Sherbrooke 9th Vancouver 2nd Sherbrooke 1st Vancouver 2nd
2008 Kamloops 5th Kamloops 6th Kamloops 2nd Kamloops 2nd
2009 Kamloops 3rd Kamloops 3rd Canada Summer Games
2010 Winnipeg 5th Toronto 4th Winnipeg 5th Toronto 5th
2011 Toronto 5th Winnipeg 4th Toronto 4th Winnipeg 6th
2012 Sherbrooke 6th Fredricton 8th Sherbrooke 5th Fredricton 7th
2013 St. John’s 4th St. John’s 9th Canada Summer Games
2014 Edmonton 5th Edmonton 5th Edmonton 9th Edmonton 3rd
2015 Halifax 6th Edmonton 5th Halifax 8th Edmonton 5th
2016 Winnipeg 6th Regina 5th Winnipeg 7th Regina 5th
2017 Regina 4th Regina 5th Canada Summer Games
2018 Kamloops 4th Fredericton 7th Kamloops 5th Fredericton 4th
2019 Fredericton 3rd Victoria 5th Fredericton 6th Victoria 2nd

Canada Games 




Female Results

Male Results

1975 Canada Winter Games Lethbridge 5th 6th
1979 Canada Winter Games Brandon 10th  
1981 Canada Summer Games Thunder Bay   3rd
1983 Canada Winter Games Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean 5th 9th
1985 Canada Summer Games Saint John 4th  
1987 Canada Winter Games Cape Breton 5th 9th
1989 Canada Summer Games Saskatoon 7th 5th
1993 Canada Summer Games Kamloops 7th 6th
1997 Canada Summer Games Brandon 3rd 4th
2001 Canada Summer Games London 5th 3rd
2005 Canada Summer Games Regina 2nd 9th
2009 Canada Summer Games Prince Edward Island 1st 8th
2013 Canada Summer Games Sherbrooke 4th 10th
2017 Canada Summer Games Winnipeg 4th 2nd